Reddit /??r??d?t/, stylized as reddit, is an entertainment, social networking service and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links. Only registered users can then vote submissions up or down to organize the posts and determine their position on the sites pages. Content entries are organized by areas of interest called subreddits.


API Paths

Add Approve (POST) /approve OpenAPI
Get Best (GET) /best OpenAPI
Add Block (POST) /block OpenAPI
Get By Names (GET) /by_id/names OpenAPI
Add Collapse Message (POST) /collapse_message OpenAPI
Add Compose (POST) /compose OpenAPI
Add Del Msg (POST) /del_msg OpenAPI
Add Distinguish (POST) /distinguish OpenAPI
Get Duplicates Article (GET) /duplicates/article OpenAPI
Add Ignore Reports (POST) /ignore_reports OpenAPI
Add Leavecontributor (POST) /leavecontributor OpenAPI
Add Leavemoderator (POST) /leavemoderator OpenAPI
Get Message Where (GET) /message/where OpenAPI
Add Multi Copy (POST) /multi/copy OpenAPI
Get Multi Mine (GET) /multi/mine OpenAPI
Delete Multi Multipath (DELETE) /multi/multipath OpenAPI
Get Multi Multipath Description (GET) /multi/multipath/description OpenAPI
Put Multi Multipath Description (PUT) /multi/multipath/description OpenAPI
Get Multi Multipath (GET) /multi/multipath OpenAPI
Add Multi Multipath (POST) /multi/multipath OpenAPI
Put Multi Multipath (PUT) /multi/multipath OpenAPI
Delete Multi Multipath Srname (DELETE) /multi/multipath/r/srname OpenAPI
Get Multi Multipath Srname (GET) /multi/multipath/r/srname OpenAPI
Put Multi Multipath Srname (PUT) /multi/multipath/r/srname OpenAPI
Add Multi Rename (POST) /multi/rename OpenAPI
Get Multi User Username (GET) /multi/user/username OpenAPI
Add Mute Message Author (POST) /mute_message_author OpenAPI
Get Prefs Where (GET) /prefs/where OpenAPI
Get Subreddit About Edit (GET) /r/subreddit/about/edit OpenAPI
Get Subreddit About (GET) /r/subreddit/about OpenAPI
Get Subreddit About Location (GET) {/r/subreddit}/about/location OpenAPI
Get Subreddit About Log (GET) {/r/subreddit}/about/log OpenAPI
Get Subreddit About Rules (GET) /r/subreddit/about/rules OpenAPI
Get Subreddit About Traffic (GET) /r/subreddit/about/traffic OpenAPI
Get Subreddit About Where (GET) {/r/subreddit}/about/where OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Accept Moderator Invite (POST) {/r/subreddit}/accept_moderator_invite OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Comments Article (GET) {/r/subreddit}/comments/article OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Delete Sr Banner (POST) {/r/subreddit}/delete_sr_banner OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Delete Sr Header (POST) {/r/subreddit}/delete_sr_header OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Delete Sr Icon (POST) {/r/subreddit}/delete_sr_icon OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Delete Sr Img (POST) {/r/subreddit}/delete_sr_img OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Hot (GET) {/r/subreddit}/hot OpenAPI
Get Subreddit New (GET) {/r/subreddit}/new OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Random (GET) {/r/subreddit}/random OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Rising (GET) {/r/subreddit}/rising OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Sebar (GET) {/r/subreddit}/sidebar OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Sort (GET) {/r/subreddit}/sort OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Sticky (GET) {/r/subreddit}/sticky OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Stylesheet (GET) {/r/subreddit}/stylesheet OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Submit Text (GET) {/r/subreddit}/submit_text OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Subreddit Stylesheet (POST) {/r/subreddit}/subreddit_stylesheet OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Upload Sr Img (POST) {/r/subreddit}/upload_sr_img OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Wiki Alloweditor Act (POST) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/alloweditor/act OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Wiki Discussions Page (GET) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/discussions/page OpenAPI
Subreddit Wiki Edit (POST) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/edit OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Wiki (POST) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/hide OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Wiki Page (GET) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/page OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Wiki Pages (GET) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/pages OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Wiki Revert (POST) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/revert OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Wiki Revisions (GET) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/revisions OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Wiki Revisions Page (GET) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/revisions/page OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Wiki Settings Page (GET) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/settings/page OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Wiki Settings Page (POST) {/r/subreddit}/wiki/settings/page OpenAPI
Add Read All Messages (POST) /read_all_messages OpenAPI
Add Read Message (POST) /read_message OpenAPI
Get Recommend Sr Srnames (GET) /recommend/sr/srnames OpenAPI
Add Remove (POST) /remove OpenAPI
Get Search Reddit Names (GET) /search_reddit_names OpenAPI
Add Search Reddit Names (POST) /search_reddit_names OpenAPI
Add Search Subreddits (POST) /search_subreddits OpenAPI
Add Site Admin (POST) /site_admin OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Autocomplete (GET) /subreddit_autocomplete OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Autocomplete V2 (GET) /subreddit_autocomplete_v2 OpenAPI
Get Subreddits By Topic (GET) /subreddits_by_topic OpenAPI
Get Subreddits Mine Where (GET) /subreddits/mine/where OpenAPI
Get Subreddits Search (GET) /subreddits/search OpenAPI
Get Subreddits Where (GET) /subreddits/where OpenAPI
Add Subscribe (POST) /subscribe OpenAPI
Add Unblock Subreddit (POST) /unblock_subreddit OpenAPI
Add Uncollapse Message (POST) /uncollapse_message OpenAPI
Add Unignore Reports (POST) /unignore_reports OpenAPI
Add Unmute Message Author (POST) /unmute_message_author OpenAPI
Add Unread Message (POST) /unread_message OpenAPI
Get Users Where (GET) /users/where OpenAPI
Add Gold Gild Fullname (POST) /v1/gold/gild/fullname OpenAPI
Add Gold Give Username (POST) /v1/gold/give/username OpenAPI
Get Me (GET) /v1/me OpenAPI
Get Me Karma (GET) /v1/me/karma OpenAPI
Get Me Prefs (GET) /v1/me/prefs OpenAPI
Patch Me Prefs (PATCH) /v1/me/prefs OpenAPI
Get Me Trophies (GET) /v1/me/trophies OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Emoji Asset Upload S3.json (POST) /v1/subreddit/emoji_asset_upload_s3.json OpenAPI
Delete Subreddit Emoji Emoji Name (DELETE) /v1/subreddit/emoji/emoji_name OpenAPI
Add Subreddit Emoji.json (POST) /v1/subreddit/emoji.json OpenAPI
Get Subreddit Emojis All (GET) /v1/subreddit/emojis/all OpenAPI